Embarking on the Educational Journey

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of education centers around the concept of experiential learning where children engage with their environment hands-on and learn from their interactions. Daily teacher-led lessons include STEAM, language & literacy, interactive reading, cognitive processing, and physical development. Our curriculum invites the students to engage interactively with their lessons and activities, turning learning into fun!

We also believe in the partnership of the academy with the household.  Parents and care-takers of students at Close Reach Academy are known and valued. We strive to create partnerships between the care center and home through open communication and active participation in your child’s development.

Being a center that invites learners of all abilities, we emphasize differentiated instruction and inclusive environments. 

Our Classrooms

At Close Reach Academy, we place the highest emphasis on providing trustworthy, intentional, and caring childcare while implementing the best instructional approaches to early childhood education. We offer care to children ages 1-6 years old (Pre-K), teaching age-appropriate curricula for each age and stage of development. We follow all State of Washington early learning guidelines and are proud to teach the kids through a system of hands-on, experiential learning!

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